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Mascots by Kemp Design

Kemp Design Services can create the character mascot you need to promote your business. From cute and cuddly mascots to tough and mean we can design a mascot that enhances your business image..

Mascot Process

Kemp Design Services takes the time to learn about your business to help determine what kind of mascot is best for you. We can incorporate your mascot into a logo or develop it as something additional to promote your business. We take into consideration what you want to do with your logo. Will it be used in coloring books? Will this be a costumed character in the future? We develop a few rough sketch options for you to choose from and then make edits to perfect your choice. We will then burn you a CD with your mascot in multiple formats.

Logo Creation

Kemp Design Services can incorporate your mascot into a logo or have it be a separate entity.





Mascot Portfolio

Squirt-Monster Power Washing Mascot  
Monster Pressure Washing Logo by Kemp Design Services Mascots give your company additional leverage for brand recognition. Squirt, the mascot for Monster Power Washing, is able to clean better because of his powerful spurts of water. This mascot helps people identify with your company and differentiate it from the crowd.  
Carolina Sunshine Bar-B-Que Mascot  
Carolina Sunshine Bar-B-Que Label by Kemp Design Services Carolina Sunshine wanted a bright and colorful logo to help it stand out from among the competition. The mascot takes the show and gives the sauce some attitude and character. Have Kemp Design Services give your logo a little extra kick with the creation of a mascot.  
Saucy Suzy- Carolina Sunshine Hot Recipe Mascot  
Pig Mascot by Kemp Design Services When Carolina Sunshine was ready to expand their product line they wanted a new character to show off their hot style bar-b-que sauce. Kemp Design Services took their idea of a hot pig and gave them Saucy Suzy to add interest to their latest product.  

Success Story

Garnette Stohr and Meg Alexander, Co-Owners Basket Bounty Inc.

We consulted Kemp Design Services to revise a logo design idea for our newly-formed business. Kemp Design Services offered to create more than one logo design for us to consider; however, we did not expect to be swayed from our original design. How wrong we were! Using our suggestions and editing changes, they produced a unique logo that creatively represented our company. Bravo!

Business to the next Level

Megan Mills, Photographer
Megan's Camera Works

Kemp Design Services created a logo and watermark for my photography business. At the time I wasn't sure what a logo would do for my business. However, having a logo created by Kemp Design has taken my business to the next level, professionally. Barb took my personality and the vision I had for my business and created a logo that captures them both. What I love about Kemp Design is that they truly consider your unique business needs. Kemp Design provided me with a logo template that allows me to change the images in my logo. This helps keep my photography website fresh and exciting! Barb and Kevin are always helpful and available for technical questions or last minute changes, even working long distance! I feel that Kemp Design treats all of their customers as if they were the most important one. I am continually grateful and impressed by their quality work and customer service.

Kemp Design Services LLC (813) 655-9200 18921 Boyette Road Lithia, FL 33547
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